Sunday, March 28, 2021

Thoughts & Prayers

Once in a while I get asked by an astutely aware friend, "Why is it that every time you walk into a building you stop for a few seconds and look around?"

If you really want to know I have three stories for you.  Before I explain, you always tell me how lucky I am to have grown up and lived in Colorado my whole life.  I largely agree but these three stories offer a different and rarely explored perspective that may just change your mind:

Sunday, March 14, 2021

March Means Start More Seeds

Seeds that were just started in March of 2021

March is here which can only mean it's time to start more seeds.  In Colorado it's still too cold to plant most things outside, although if you have fancy row coverings then you can start putting your cold loving crops outside.  We’re currently about two months away from Mother’s Day (eight weeks), which is a good general day to use for the last frost day where I live, although we can still get snow after Mother’s Day. You'll want to lookup the average last frost date for where you live and see how far away you are from this date. Some of you warm region folks may already be beyond this date and you may be able to start planting more seeds outside. For my next round of seeds, I'm going to be starting vegetables inside that say to plant them around 8 weeks from the last frost on the back of the seed packet.  Here's the list of what those are:

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The REAL Cost of Growing Your Own Food

Yelling at the sky about the cost of tools for growing your own food

"Hey now, what's the big idea, are you trying to jip us?  Your last post didn't include any of the actual expenses associated with growing your own food.  How much does it really cost to grow your own food anyways?"

I know, I know, that information was left out intentionally.  Not to try and deceive you but so that information can have it's very own post!!!  Alas, here we are.  Now we're going to dive into the costs associated with growing your own food.  As you've been reading through my super awesome guide of how to grow your own food you've probably noticed a recurring theme of "buy this", "buy that", "go get this", etc.  Which likely has you wondering, how much money is all of this actually going to cost me???

Saturday, March 6, 2021

How Much Money Did I Spend on Food in 2020?

 "How much money can this really save you anyways?
How much money do you spend on food?"

Takehome Brunch
Take home brunch COVID collaboration.  Veggies were from Ollin Farms with the meal made by Chef Paul from Beast + Bottle.  I just picked it up from the farm, took it home and put the finishing touches on it in November of 2020.  It tasted much better than it looks, and it looks pretty damn good!

Whoever's reading this blog has quite the assortment of great questions for me, keep them coming.  As questions arise, just send them on over and perhaps I'll make an article out of your very own question!

Lucky for you I kept track of exactly how much I spent on food in 2020 and we're going to take a look at those numbers shortly!  I strive to grow all of the food that I eat, however I'm not quite there.  Each year I inch closer and closer to this goal and this year it appears that I was able to preserve enough food to last me until I grow more food in 2021.  Even with this though I still have grocery store expenses such as: rice, noodles, quinoa, couscous, coconut aminos (basically soy sauce but better), ingredients for my current and beloved breakfast routine along with anything else that I may want from the grocery store which would be luxurious expenses such as:  cheese, ice cream, chocolate, fish etc.