Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gaining Inspiration From Your Local Community

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." 
- African Proverb

Farm Dinner
Farm dinner at Ollin Farms under the stars in 2021.

It was a perfect seventy degree, end of summer afternoon, the sun had been out the entirety of the day with a few high cloud wisps here and there.  The warm breeze cut through my hair as I pedaled my bicycle throughout Longmont while gazing at the bare mountain peaks in the distance, wondering how long it will be until the peaks are snowcapped once again.  As I wound my way along the bike path there were still kids tubing in the river, families fishing, and just people having a merry old time with no sign of summer coming to an end yet we all know it's just around the corner, but not today.  I turned into the Ollin Farms driveway to find a packed parking lot with cars jammed bumper to bumper against the side of the road.  I slowly rode my bicycle past all of these cars and continued on towards the creek where I snagged the best parking spot in the whole place.  As I get my bike situated and watch car after car roll in I ponder why so many people have driven and how amazingly crazy it is how few people rode their bicycles and it really doesn't make any sense especially when the weather is perfect.  You get the enjoy the fresh air, explore parts of the town you normally don't see, get a great workout, all while avoiding costly gas and car maintenance.  It's an amazing form of transportation and you feel great when you get to your destination.  Plus the vast majority of people will surely be drinking tonight which would make riding your bike a safer choice not only for you but your fellow Longmontians.  After musing these thoughts for a few moments, which always results in me chuckling and shaking my head as my thoughts have meandered their way into a mystified stupor of a rabbit hole, I took my backpack off and pull out my party shirt along with a bottle of wine and a wine opener then I continue walking towards the festivities.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Top 7 Things YOU (Yes, You) Can Do To Save the World!

"When all the trees have been cut down,
When all the animals have been hunted,
When all the waters are polluted,
When all the air is unsafe to breathe,
Only then will you discover you cannot eat money."
—Cree Prophecy

Sunrise Over Puerto Rico
Sunrise over Puerto Rico in 2007

Our world is warming up, the oceans are rising, island nations are struggling, weather is becoming more extreme and intense resulting in more major catastrophes.  Scientific communities across the globe release report after report outlining how big of an issue global warming is and how action needed to be taken yesterday, etc.  Meanwhile our elected politicians and leaders around the globe cannot get themselves to join together to make any actionable or meaningful changes that will make any significant impact to our important yet insignificant world that is whirling around in the infinite expanse that is the universe.  What are we, as citizens of the world, able to do about any of this?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Summer Hunger

At least a few times a year I'll be laying in the hammock, minding my own business, taking in a good book on the relaxing grounds that make up James' 5 Star Urban Farm Resort amongst all of the tasty vegetables and fragrant flowers while a single thought meanders it's way into my mind...Barbeque!  It seems to be human nature that we always want the exact opposite of what we have, with barbeque though there's more to it than that.  There's something about the hot weather and fruity flowers of summer that just call out to having you partake in preparing some crispy and delicious animal flesh that we call...Barbeque!

Lamb Shoulder
Lamb shoulder on the smoker for 2021's impromptu end of year harvest celebration.  Excess meat can be frozen for the winter!  This cut of meat is from Buckner Family Farm.