Friday, June 24, 2022

Cooking Quinoa

"Once you understand the foundations of cooking - whatever kind you like, whether it's French or Italian or Japanese - you really don't need a cookbook anymore." - Thomas Keller

Quinoa waiting to be rinsed

Quinoa is an underrated tasty grain with a rich history and is an affordable, delicious base for our dishes today.  You can even grow it in your garden if you feel so inclined which will likely turn into more of a novelty plant if and when you forget to try and harvest it.

Add your vegetables to the recipe below, in the actual pot, for a meal that will be done in 15 minutes.  If you find yourself with more time you can pile on the steamed or sautéed vegetables after the fact.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Cooking Rice

"Rice is the best, the most nutritive and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world." - Auguste Escoffier

Fresh Rice
Freshly cooked rice

As you start on your very own cooking adventure, rice is one of the cheapest and easiest bases to make which you can then pile your vegetables on top of and spice any way you'd like with actual spices or various sauces.

Rice can be cooked in a small pot on the stove top or in an instant pot.  There are varying types of rice and they all cook at different rates.  We're going to go over how to cook White Jasmine Rice simply because it cooks the fastest.  You're busy, I'm busy, we're all busy in this crazy world we live in and none of us have time to stand around and watch rice cook for an hour.  White Jasmine Rice cooks in 12 minutes so you can have a meal ready in no-time at all.  Shall we get rocking?!

Thursday, June 2, 2022