Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Urban Farmers Gin & Tonic

"You'd learn more about the world by lying on the couch and drinking gin out of a bottle than by watching the news." -Garrison Keillor

Pink Gin & Tonic
The Urban Farmers Gin & Tonic

We can't let Margaritas be the only drink recipe on here so here's another one of my favorite drinks.  If Margaritas aren't your jam then I'm sure a pink / purple Gin & Tonic will be right up your alley!  Just give it a shot, you'll probably love it, it's amazing!  Plus, it's what real men drink anyways!

Here's what you need for The Urban Farmers Gin & Tonic:

-Lime Wedge
-Fresh Herbs From YOUR Urban Farm!

You can use any Gin you'd like with this recipe, but if you want your drink to have the super cool pink / purple color then you'll need to use Empress 1908 Gin.  Once again, this isn't the cheapest bottle of Gin ever, but it's also not the most expensive and as long as you're keeping your drinking casual you might as well enjoy this drink with a decent bottle of Gin that 1) Tastes pretty damn good  2) Makes you relaxed and feel like you're on a beach just by looking at it 3) Changes colors when you add lime to it.  As for the tonic, Whole Foods has a surprisingly cheap and good tonic with their 365 brand.  If that's not an option then you're going to want to go with something that doesn't have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it and has as few ingredients as possible.  Spectacular Tonic is my other favorite (but it's more expensive).  I usually just go with whatever is the most natural option at the store that I happen to be closest to.  You want as few ingredients as possible and ingredients that you know what they are.

One of the beautiful things about growing your own food is that you're cutting down on your grocery bill which allows you to spend a few extra dollars on things that you enjoy (or just save the money)!

Step 1: Put on some good jams!  Having some good music on while making and enjoying this drink is a must.  Birthday Suit by STEVE is a damn good one for this drink (you're welcome)!

Step 2: Take your glass of choice and fill with ice cubes.

Step 3: Take the fresh herbs from YOUR urban farm, grind them up in a mortar and pestle OR tear the herbs into pieces and rub them between your palms for a few seconds then add to the glass.  I bet you didn't realize you had a mortar and pestle built into your body!  Mint and Basil have proven to be a pretty amazing combo but just use whatever you have.  It's even more fun if you grow different types of basil then you really get to play with the flavor!

Step 4: Pour a shot of the Empress 1908 Gin over the herbs and ice into the glass.  The Gin is still blue at this point.

Step 5: Choose your own adventure time!  The lime is what changes the color from blue to pink, you can change the color of the drink now or after you add the tonic, your choice!  If you have guests over, it's fun to let them add the lime themselves to watch the color change.  I prefer to add the lime before the tonic so the lime gets mixed in better.

Step 6: Fill the rest of the glass with tonic.

Step 7: Be sure you squeezed the lime wedge in and stir everything up!

Step 8: ENJOY while you pretend you're at some far off, exotic beach with a fancy pink / purple drink!

BOOM, that's all there is to making The Urban Farmers Gin & Tonic.  As always, lets respect your fellow humans that you share this world with and not drive after drinking these.  Thank you in advance from your fellow human beings!


  1. I like the color component of this beverage!

    1. Thanks, I like the color as well, it's really fun to make!