Wednesday, October 28, 2020

September of 2020 Update

Sunset Over Mountains

September, pretty much the exact same as August, just more food that keeps growing and cooler weather.  The urban farm continues to challenge my ability to harvest produce at its peak then either eat it, preserve it, or give it away before it goes bad.  I'm getting pretty dang good at that game (and it is a game) but alas there's still a small amount of food that goes bad such as the cucumbers that I couldn't give away to save my life (it's a long story for another time).  The largest single day harvest happened, which was a whopping 205.8 pounds (93.35 kilos) of fresh, beyond organic, hyper local food grown right in my very own backyard.  That was right before a snow storm rolled in so I harvested everything I could find.  That storm did bring snow however the majority of the plants survived and I kept getting food after that storm.  It seemed that since it was so warm before the snow, the ground was able to keep roots warm and emit heat to keep the bases of the plants warm with the weather that just dipped below freezing while spitting snow everywhere.  More composting happened in September, I've really been trying to stay on-top of composting as much as possible.  There's been a lot of black gold (compost) produced this year.  Here's what was harvested in September:

Early to Mid September Bounty:

-Squash = 26.56 lbs
-Pumpkins = 83.35 lbs
-Blue Hubbard Squashes = 17.01 lbs
-Onions = 8.73 lbs
-Carrots = 7.29 lbs
-Cucumbers = 11.73 lbs
-Peppers = 4.64 lbs
-Tomatoes = 24.71 lbs
-Greens = 9.1 lbs
-Beets = 3.19 lbs
-Eggplant = 7.49 lbs
-Strawberries = 2 lbs

Mid to Late September Bounty:

-Squash & Eggplant = 1.76 lbs

-Radishes = 9.19 lbs
-Zucchini = 1.22 lbs
-Kale = 0.71 lbs
-Cauliflower = 2.14 lbs
-Peppers = 0.79 lbs
-Tomatoes & Okra = 3.48 lbs

Which brings us to 225.09 lbs (102.1 kilos) of food grown for the month of September.  While this is a decline from the prior month (the growing season is coming to a close after-all), it does bring the yearly total up to:

745.462 lbs (338.14 kilos)

of ultra delicious food!  With a little bit of luck that'll be enough food to propel me to next summer with minimal purchases needed from the grocery store.  We'll see what happens though.

Praying Mantis

Hanging Flower Basket


Farmer with Okra



Lettuce Tongue

Row of Lettuce

Lettuce Closeup


Landscape Panorama

Smokey Sunset

Farmer with Giant Carrots

Marigold Flowers

Orange Okra

Okra Flower

Farmer with Okra

Farmer Smelling Okra Flower

Big Harvest

Big Harvest

Squash Harvest

Pumpkins and Blue Hubbards


Various Vegetables

Carrots, Onions, and Watermelons

Lemon Cucumbers







Raining Ash

Cold Weather Forecast

Urban Farm Overview

Squash Plants Overview

Hanging Plants

Watermelon Radishes

Yellow Marigolds



Beans and Cucumbers

Orange Okra

Pepper Plants

Okra and Eggplant

Flower Bouquet

Covered Crops

Snow on Strawberries

Snow on Squash

Snow on Marigolds

Tomatoes in Pan


Watermelon Radish

Failed African Violets

Homemade Burritos

Sunset over Mountains



Lemon Cucumber with Eyes

Flower with Eyes



Full Freezer


Bee on Flower

Wildflower Shoots

Strawberries and Radish

Yellow Dahlia

White Flower




Bunch of Radishes

Watermelon Radishes

Ollin Farms Thank You Sign

Ollin Farms Bounty

Sunflower Mask

Wilting Morning Glory

Sunset over Urban Farm

Man Throwing Radishes

Closeup of Lettuce

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