Saturday, April 17, 2021

April Seeds & What to Plant for Spring

We've made it to April!  We have the last of the seeds to start inside and we're going to start planting more outside. 

Baby Spinach
Spinach starting to grow outside in April of 2021

Final Seeds to Start Inside:


-Remaining herbs that take a while to grow (for me that’s the toothache plant and chamomile).

These final seedlings can (and should) also be put outside during the warm days which will shorten the time they need to acclimatize to the elements once it’s time to plant them.

Seeds to Start Outside (if you haven’t already):





-Snow Peas




Remember to stagger your plantings (succession planting) for the radishes and greens so they're not all ready at the exact same time and you can spread out the bounty over time.  Plant a short row of radishes one day then next week plant another, etc.  Then they'll be ready to harvest at about that same interval.

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