Friday, August 26, 2022

10 Things to Know About Gardening - 2022 Vibes

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." - Albert Einstein

Pink Dahlia
Pink dahlia doing its thing and looking gorgeous.

Each year contains a wealth of knowledge with countless new tidbits learned, most of which without even realizing it.  Since I wrote the last Top 10 Things I've Learned (2 years ago, GASP) a crap ton more has most certainly been learned.  Without further ado, here is a more recent list of Top 10 Things I've Learned - 2022 Style:

1. You don't know anything.  Even when you think you do... you don't.  As soon as you forget this, the urban farm will be sure to remind you.

2. The garden knows how to balance itself, it doesn't need you to "help it".  What it needs is you to work with it by providing a diverse array of plants, rotating crops, composting, and working fungi into the soil.  Work with nature.

3. Honey bees are absolutely fascinating and are the coolest creatures alive (although tardigrades, a.k.a. water bears are up there too).

4. Each year will be completely different from the last and that's a good thing.  What fun would it be if each year was exactly the same?

5. Starting as many seedlings as possible inside, under the grow lights, provides the highest chance of success.  A greenhouse would be a fantastic luxury.

6. Building a greenhouse would be well worth it.  Build a greenhouse...

7. The plants will teach you if you listen.

8. The bees will teach you if you listen.

9. Each year some crops will fail and others will thrive, the urban farm has constant ups and downs - just like life.

10. Forget what others think - focus on the garden, yourself, and your health.  Traveling down the road of constant improvement is the best antidote for others ill thinking towards you.  It wouldn't be enjoyable to be "normal" anyways...

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