Friday, October 21, 2022

Blistering Shishito Peppers

Sssshhhhhh what?  Why are you shushing me?

Shishito Peppers
Freshly Harvested Shishito Peppers.

Nope, no shushing here, just shishito pepper talk.  Shishito peppers are delicious and one of the easiest side dishes to make, plus the plants are extremely productive.  It can even be a full meal if you have enough peppers.  All you do is blister them.

What You Need:
-Freshly Harvested Shishito Peppers

-Heat olive oil over medium to medium high heat.
-Add shishito peppers.
-Cover with splatter screen.
-Stir every few minutes
-Once all sides are golden brown turn the heat off.
-Sprinkle on some salt.
-Pour peppers into a bowl.
-Squeeze lime wedge onto peppers.
-Stir it up.

Once you get this down it takes 5 maybe 10 minutes to make and is delicious.  There are a lot of other variations you can do with this utilizing other sauces and spices.  Simpler is better most of the time though.  The more the shishitos are cooked the better they taste - golden brown on all sides is best in my opinion.

Happy Cooking!

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