Friday, January 27, 2023

Start Seeds Somewhere... Sometime

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.” - Abraham Lincoln

Seedling waking up for the year - 2022.

Seed starting is the essential first step to a vegetable paradise.  If you're in a colder climate that has a shorter growing season, such as Colorado, then starting your seeds inside is essential.  Different plants have different growing times.  Some plants, such as peppers, take forever to grow.  Others such as radishes, have a ridiculously short time before you are reaping the rewards.

The general strategy is to start the plants with the longest growing times first then each month keep moving along to plants that have slightly shorter and shorter growing times until you can plant outside and/or move the inside plants outside.

Each year is an experiment of colossal proportions.  When the different seeds are started changes each and every year to try and get the best harvests while optimizing and attempting to be efficient.  Consequently, each year appears to be more successful than the last which results in less tweaks needed for the seed starting process.

This year will be remarkably similar to last year (2022), as far as seed starting goes.  There are still some very noticeable adjustments though such as starting beet seeds inside in March (have yet to attempt starting them inside).  Along with trialing radishes and lettuce inside, from start to finish, to try and get some early season salad goodness going on.

Here's the current, yet sure to change, general plan for what will be started and when for the 2023 growing season:

-Lavender (if doing more, undecided)
-Bee Balm (if doing more, undecided)
-Celery (have only had modest success with celery so far)
-Cacti (maybe, for houseplants)
-Passion Flower (zero luck last year with this, trying again)
-Onion (going to start some inside and some outside and compare)
-Radishes (trial growing inside from start to finish and see how it goes)
-Lettuce (trial starting some this early and see how it goes)

-Hyssop Anise
-Hanging Basket Flowers (to get blooms as early in the year as possible)
-Goji berries (one day, one of these will stay alive)
-Lettuce (more trials, see how it goes)

-Rest of herbs
-Toothache Plant
-Beans (try starting a few inside and see how it goes, bugs seem to really enjoy the small beans that are started outside)
-Lettuce (more trials, see how it goes)

Let's do this!

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