Friday, August 11, 2023

Who Am I?

Rocking the farmer vibes with mega beard

I can change how I look just by not shaving.
I can change my appearance just by not cutting my hair.
I can change others perception of me just by wearing different clothes.
Who am I?

Does any of that actually define me?
Does any of that change who I really am?
So I ask you again - Who am I?

Perhaps I’m defined by the job I hold or the car I drive or the house I live in or the jewelry I wear or the hat I don or the outdoor gear I possess. Does any of that tell you who I really am? So I ask you again - Who am I?

The garden I tend, the vegetables I grow, the flowers I admire, the bees I keep… tells you a small snippet of what I enjoy at this exact moment in time but does that actually define me? So I ask you again - Who am I? Who are any of us?

We are all forged by the world as a whole - for better or worse - the community we live in, the food we eat, the people we meet, the conversations we have, the religions we learn about, the books we read, the content we surround ourselves with, the mountains we visit, the forests we walk thru, the oceans we swim in. Every single thing we experience - good or bad - makes us all who we are.

Figuring out who someone is - who they truly are - is like putting together a beautiful puzzle - it’s easy to find a few pieces but you need ALL of the pieces and they ALL need to be arranged perfectly to get the complete picture. So I ask you again - Who am I?

If you really want to know, all you have to do is look deep inside my heart and you will find out who I truly am as a person. Not who I am based on how I look, not who I am based on the clothes I wear, not who I am based on my job, car, house, jewelry, hats, outdoor gear, garden, vegetables, flowers, bees or any other trivial pursuit that you may think tells you who I am. Who I am, as a person, can only be found deep inside my heart just as the most precious of stones can only be found hidden deep inside the earth - just waiting to be discovered by an unexpected and unassuming person. So I ask you again - Who am I?

My heart will tell only those who truly want to know - who I really am.

This is a poem I wrote a while back and I really like how it turned out so here it is to live on forever and ever and ever and ever...

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