Saturday, April 11, 2020

Third Full Season Recap (2019) - Part II

"When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden."
– Minnie Aumonier

Part Two of Three

Everything's looking pretty good (July 2019):

Urban farm overview photo

How tall will the sunflowers grow (July 2019):
Seriously, how tall are these suckers going to get, I thought they were only supposed to be knee-high sunflowers?!?!

6 foot tall trellises with sunflowers behind them almost as tall

I will take all of the broccoli please (July 2019):
Have I mentioned yet that I really, really love broccoli?!

large head of brocolli still growing with large leaves

Snuck away to San Fransisco for a friend's wedding (July 2019):

Farmer man in blue sunglasses on the golden gate bridge with fog behind

Probably the coolest photo I've taken in a while, the port-a-potty definitely pulls the photo together (July 2019):

Purple Jacaranda tree with red motorcycle, colorful building and green port-a-potty in the distant background

Purple of Sicily Cauliflower (July 2019):
I was very surprised when I saw this purple cauliflower as I didn't plant any purple cauliflower seeds this year.  I don't have the slightest clue where it came from, but I'm glad it grew.

Large head of purple cauliflower with big leaves

All you need in life are squash, corn, and really big sunflowers (July 2019):

mass amounts of squash plants, six foot tall corn, and a few ten foot tall sunflowers

The fire pit in the middle of everything makes for a great hangout spot (July 2019):

Animal fire pit at night with fire and ten foot tall sunflowers in background

What the fire pit looks like during the day (July 2019):

Fire pit covered, during the day, with ten foot tall sunflowers

"Tiny" is a Russian Mammoth Sunflower who grew to be over 11 feet tall  (July 2019):  
Can you spot me in this photo?

Farmer man looking up at several Russian Mammoth Sunflowers that are towering over him

Bucket O' Garlic, because... why not? (July 2019):

Five gallon orange bucket overflowing with picked garlic, more garlic on patio table

Beans and Greens Harvest (July 2019):

Beans and greens on patio table

A little bit of everything else (July 2019):

A lot of picked produce on patio table

Squash blossoms (July 2019): 
These are incredibly delicious, they're normally pretty expensive at markets but if you grow squash then you get them for free.

Bag with six yellow squash blossoms

The Dahlias are still growing nicely (July 2019):

Three red dahlias starting to bloom

The beans and the sunflowers are about to start duking it out (July 2019):

Trellis covered in beans, blooming sunflowers behind it

Oh my, I've created a monster (July 2019):

Overview of urban farm

I couldn't harvest everything fast enough (August 2019):
A few days after harvesting there would be a lot more ready to be picked

Bags of produce on patio table

One of the millions of bees enjoying the sunflowers (August 2019):

A single bee on a long wilted sunflower

This pumpkin found its way onto a rock (August 2019):

Green pumpkin perfectly placed on a flat rock

B...E...A...UTIFUL (August 2019):

Five Red-Orange Dahlias in full bloom

F^#*  (August 2019):
It turns out that when beans climb a trellis, if they cover the whole trellis it turns into a giant sail.  This was probably about the 12th time this damn thing blew over and it almost took out the cucumber trellis with it.  It's such a pain in the butt to put these back up too.

Trellis completely knocked over with another partially collapsed

Picklin' Station (August 2019)!!!  

Counter top full of pickles being made

Oh my...Cabbage...  (August 2019):
I like cabbage but I didn't think they would get THIS big (I'm delighted they did though).  I weighed it but I didn't write it down and now I don't remember exactly what it weighed, but it was over 5 lbs.  See, you don't need any of that chemical crap to grow good produce.

Farmer Man Holding Giant Cabbage

Raining fire in the sky (August 2019):
I may or may not have been blasting John Denver when I took this photo.  Colorado is awesome, I don't think I've mentioned that yet.

Sunset over the urban farm

Part Three of the Three Part recap is coming up next!

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