Saturday, April 18, 2020

Third Full Season Recap (2019) - Part III

"Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors." 
– Mary Cantwell

Part Three of Three

The never ending harvest continues... (September 2019):

Bags of produce on patio table

I was ecstatic that the onions and dill worked out well, I hadn't had much luck with onions in the previous years and I hadn't tried dill before (September 2019):

Harvest on a table

Eggplant is another item that hasn't worked out for me in previous years (September 2019):
Lots of eggplant this year though!

Prolific Eggplant Plant

I can't wait to eat this eggplant and yes, it was delicious (September 2019):

Farmer Man Holding Eggplant

Carrot Harvest (September 2019):

Bunch of Carrots on the Ground

Pickling Station 2.0 (September 2019): 
When you have more produce than you can eat you might as well try pickling a little bit of everything and see how it all turns out.  Plus, sake makes pickling a lot more fun.

Lots of produce being pickled next to a bottle of sake

Wild Rose Red Lily of Japan baring it all (September 2019):

Wild Rose Red Lily of Japan

A different type of Lily that I don't remember the name to (September 2019):

Lily Flower

Slice up some lemon cucumbers and watermelon, add water, drink, repeat (September 2019):
This is extremely refreshing, you have to try it.

Lemon Cucumber and Watermelon Water

Sammy the Snake (September 2019): 
This damn snake hung out in the urban farm all year.  He / She would make an appearance, disappear for a few weeks then scare the crap out of you when you go to pick more cucumbers.  You reach down and there's a damn snake that's eye level with you and about a foot away from your face.  I really, really, really do not like snakes but garter snakes are slowly growing on me.  Sammy the Snake was pretty dang cool!

Snake on Cucumber Trellis

Sammy the Snake Strikes Again (September 2019):
This time chilling on top of the broccoli catching some bugs.  He / She was up in the broccoli for two straight days.  How one of the falcons, hawks, or eagles didn't grab this snake is a total mystery to me.

Snake on top of a broccoli plant

Escape to Panama (September 2019): 
All work and no play makes James escape to Panama.  I couldn't remember the last time I had a relaxing vacation where I didn't do anything so I jetted off to Panama to chill on a beach, as you can see it was pretty awful and not the least bit relaxing.

Calm ocean with hut on it on a nice sunny day

Don't let me fool you, there was plenty of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding that went on, just awful I tell you (September 2019):

Coconut drink overlooking ocean on nice sunny day

I somehow wound up on a rooftop in Panama City, the view was....meh (September 2019):

Man on roof overlooking city and ocean at night

The urban farm survived my absence for a week (September 2019):
Don't you worry, it had a care taker.  Final harvest of the shishito peppers before a freeze.

Shishito Peppers being washed off in a sink

The next few Dahlia photos speak for themselves (September 2019):

Gorgeous Red Dahlia

Radiant Orange Dahlia

Creamy White Dahlia

Cayenne Peppers drying so they can be turned into Cayenne Pepper (October 2019):

Cayenne Peppers drying on a paper towel

First frost of the year annihilated the pepper plants (October 2019):

Ghostly looking pepper plants

George the squirrel showing me his nuts (October 2019):  
I'm fairly certain this is my favorite squirrel photo that I've taken thus far.

Squirrel holding three nuts in its mouth

Pumpkins harvested and in the cellar (or laundry room).  The smaller pumpkins are baking pumpkins (October 2019):

21 Pumpkins on a Floor

The last of the squash harvest (October 2019):

Group of squash on steps

Blue Hubbard Squashes are pretty good for huckin'.  Just hope that you're not on the receiving end of one of these (October 2019):

Farmer man with Blue Hubbard Squash lifted over his head

Baking a delicious blue hubbard squash, they're really good (October 2019):

Farmer man in a kitchen holding a baking sheet with a blue hubbard squash split in two on it

Pop Culture pumpkins that I carved.  Believe it or not I'm not that artistic (I'm always trying to change that though), these were cut from stencils and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out (October 2019):  

4 pumpkins carved
Spooky tree, Rick (Rick and Morty), Mind Flayer (Stranger Things), Morty (Rick and Morty)
Saffron Crocus  (November 2019):
SURPRISE!!  I wasn't expecting these to grow this year as I had just planted them in September but alas once November rolled around I had several Saffron Crocus' in my yard springing to life and blessing me with their delicious saffron.  Who knew that you could grow the worlds most expensive spice at your own house?!

Saffron Crocus

That's a wrap for the third and best season yet of my urban farm.  Stay tuned to find out what's in-store for the fourth year (2020).  Will it be better? Will it be worse?  Will the Saffron Crocus' survive the Colorado winters?  Will the Dahlias survive storage in the laundry room?  Will Sammy the Snake be back?  Will I melt another bucket?  The universe is the limit and anything can happen!

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