Friday, September 22, 2023

Juice It

Fresh Juice
Freshly Squeezed Juice Oozing With Color and Flavor

Fall is in the air, freezers are nearing capacity, vegetables are still producing like crazy.  When you find yourself with an excess of leafy greens, regardless of the time of year, the solution is quite simple... juice it.

Juicing the surplus leaves you with a drink that is packed to the brim with nutrition which will leave your body feeling like a trillion dollars and your energy levels on par with someone just pounded 10 espressos, all at once.  It also makes it so the vegetables don't go to waste.

To make a pretty good tasting juice: acquire one beet, a handful of carrots, a handful of kale and/or chard, throw in some sorrel (if available) and run it all thru a juicer... that's it.  The end product is a good balance of sweet and bitter that won't leave you gagging.  If you strive for something sweeter, add a pear or an apple.  BOOM, easy as that.

People will pay top dollar for fresh juice, especially out here in the land of Boulder County, where the free range hippies and hipsters roam free in their brand new Tesla Model Y's with custom paint.  So sell your juice at the local farmers market to turn a profit on your leftover kale and chard.

Or better yet, just give some fresh juice away to your neighbors or those in need.  That's a much better use of it and your time.  Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure... juicing is the way to go.

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