Friday, October 20, 2023

Fall Spice Beverage

Fall Spice Beverage
Fall spice beverage ready to be devoured!

Making your own fall spice beverage that will be one of the best tasting drinks you've ever had and will be a million times better than anything that the vast majority of coffee shops make is incredibly easy to do and only uses a few common baking ingredients.  The base recipe is without caffeine but it is very easy to add either tea to it for a true chai or espresso or coffee for a very tasty coffee drink.

What You Need:
-Powdered Ginger
-Powdered Cinnamon
-Black Pepper
-Cardamom Seeds
-Ground Cayenne Pepper (optional)
-Turmeric (optional)
-Coconut milk (or milk or your favorite milk substitute, this is also optional)

What You Do:
1) Fill your mug with water and empty it into a pot that's on the stove.  Turn burner heat to high.

2) Add in a healthy amount of powdered ginger.

3) Add a dash or two of powdered cinnamon.

4) Add 8 to 12 grinds of black pepper (it's really good, trust me).

5) Add a sprinkling of cloves.

6) Add a sprinkling of cardamom seeds.

7) Add a dash of cayenne pepper (optional but is nice if you really want to spice it up more, perfect for a snow storm).

8) Add a dash of turmeric (optional).

9) Stir and once the water starts boiling add a mug full of coconut milk or normal milk or your favorite milk substitute and stir again.

10) Once it starts boiling again, put the burner heat on low.  It can be poured into a mug right away or you can let it steep for 5 or 10 minutes.  Steeping for a few minutes gives it a little more taste.

11) After the steep time, put a small strainer in your mug and pour the mixture through the strainer into the mug.

12) Enjoy!!!

To Make a True Chai:
-Add black tea leaves to the water.  The rest of the recipe stays the same.  If doing this, be sure to steep the tea leaves in the mixture for at least 5 minutes.

To Make a Tasty Coffee Drink:
-Add a shot or two of espresso to the mixture after the second boil.  Stir then Enjoy!
-Or just use normal coffee, whatever floats your boat.  Still Enjoy!

To Kick It Up a Notch:
-Add some homemade pumpkin puree to the mixture which will make it a true pumpkin spice drink!  Even without the pumpkin puree it rivals anything you'll get at a coffee shop.

Side Hustle Idea:  Make and sell this at your local farmers market or bottle it.

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